Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Our new friend...hopefully the food only goes IN while she visits! Posted by Hello

Gracie is exhausted from a long day of sleeping! Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Life on-at our boat

People ask, "But what do you do on your boat when you're not sailing? Why don't you have a TV?"
Well, we read, watch the weather, tease Gracie the cat, and befriend a lonely female duck. Then we come to the Planetarium to continue to watch the weather and post on the Blog. Now that's living.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Pictures from 2004

The previous posts are some random pictures from the 2004 sailing season. Looks like each one comes up as a separate post via 'Hello' software. Can't do much with arranging them or embedding them within text like you could with your own website (at least I haven't discovered that yet). But, FREE is good! This blog looks like it will serve our purposes as we travel about. People can see recent photos and find out where we are and where we are going to be. As we discover good places to stay off the beaten track will post them.

Weather coming in over Chicago. That's the tip of the John Hancock Building. Better head to port and we did! Posted by Hello

Taken on the morning of the summer solstice over Lake Michigan Posted by Hello

Sailing with Mary Beth, Chuck, Scott, Barry, and Sherry Posted by Hello

Gracie the cat checks the dock lines. Atta way Gracie! Posted by Hello

Writing the captains log aboard Enee Marie Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Three Sailors Posted by Hello

Back in Burnham

Yes, Scott and Sue and Gracie the cat are back in their slip in Burnham Harbor, Chicago...for the last time. This summer we are NOT taking any extended cruises as we did last summer and instead we are enjoying the harbor and living downtown Chicago in the Museum Campus.

We've had several fine day sails already including a 'breakfast sail' where we anchor by Oak Street and make a big breakfast while watching the rest of the world go to work. Nice.

The Cubs have dominated much of our worry time of course. We enjoy listening to Ron Santo and Pat Hughes on the radio. We've added a 'WIN' flag to our inventory to hoist up the flag halyard when the Cubs win which has been often lately!

We are also accelerating our work in getting Enee ready for the big trip to the east coast. Water is the biggest problem right now. Our tank is only 10 gallons! I might be able to double that but that's probably about it. This is NOT enough for ultimate cruising but will just have to get us down the east coast.