Sunday, October 30, 2005

Final Update

Scott Sue and Crew made it to Norfolk today around 2pm. The total trip took about 57 hours. I guess it got really really windy last night and so things got a bit crazy. Scott was very very very tired on the phone and not making much sense, so I should talk to him tomorrow when he's feeling better and have some more details.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


I talked to my dad this morning after he had woken up from a little nap. Everything is going fine and they SAILED through the night. They made 6-7 knots all night and were using just the jib.

I will have another update tomorrow when they should be arriving at their destination.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Hi everyone-

I got a call from Scott with a location update. They are currently heading down the Jersey Shore, a bit south of Asbury Park. Although they have the sail up, they still have the motor on but as it is getting dark they will soon take the main sail down and running lights on. I'll post again when I get the next phone call. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Starting to move!

Hi Everyone following the adventures of Scott and Sue. (This is neither Scott or Sue but rather Scott's daughter)

I just got off the phone with Scott and he wanted me to update you all on where he is and what has been happening. They have not updated the blog lately because they have been on the sea and hence no internet access. But there is a plan. Tomorrow they will sail their new boat to Manhassett Bay (I am assuming I didn't spell that right). From there they will meet up with their 2 crew members and on Friday sail on down to Norfolk. They plan then on being in Norfolk by Sunday afternoon, which is a day earlier than what Scott had wanted to do.

So stay tuned for stories from the sailers aboard the new boat and out on the sea.

Monday, October 17, 2005


The invasion of Normandy? Child's Play! Trying to move from our boat in Baltimore to a new boat in Long Island AND get to Norfolk by Nov THAT'S a challenge. We've accomplished some smallish tasks along the way though. We've started to pack up things on Enee as we hope to close on the Long Island boat around the end of the week. Then we'll rent a van, put all our belongings in the van (they should fit easily!), drive to Long Island, load up the new boat, sail back to Manhassat Bay and wait for a good weather window so we can sail from Long Island to Norfolk non-stop. That cruise will be on the ocean side all the way and take around 50 hours. Our only hesitation is that the boat's systems will be new to us and going off shore can be a tough teacher! But, if we pick a good weather window all should be fine. Anybody looking for adventure and want to crew with us...drop us a line!

Nights are defininetly cooling off up here and the days are noticeably shorter. Makes us really itchy to get south! We just couldn't pass up this boat though so the long trek ahead will be worth it.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Schooners Race in the Chesapeake

Today's blog entry (like many recent ones) comes to you from KISS cafe in Baltimore. This is a wonderful place to take care of business when you are in Baltimore. It's right across the street from the Anchorage Marina where Enee is and they have free wifi, great food, coffee, beer, AND pool tables. When you go there, say hi to Vic...the owner.

Yesterday we decided to stretch our legs and walked to Fells Point, a popular neighborhood in Baltimore. Low and behold a dozen beautiful schooners were moored right by our favorite sports bar. Who knew the "Save the Chesapeake" Schooner Race would start in Baltimore this coming week. As we sipped our beers we watched the ships raise their sails and traverse the old warf area for their shake down cruises. What a treat!

Here are some pictures of the event. The old harbor looked as it must have looked 150 years ago...without the smell...mostly! Maybe they need crew------

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What a Grand Endeavour

This just in...We have withdrawn our offer on the 40' Endeavour because our broker, Sean Byrne from Authentic Yachts, found the exact same boat for $20,000 LESS. We have already tendered our offer on this boat and will go up on Friday with the surveyor to see it. Oh, yeah...this boat is back in Huntington, Long Island from whence we just came! OH, well...I'd sail farther than that to save $20k. From all indications this boat seems to be exactly comparable except maybe cleaner with newer sails and with a wind battery charger which we have always wanted. Here's a link to the boat.

Endeavour 40

You'll see that it has a very tall dodger which I am not fond of because of how much windage they present. But, for what I'm saving I can have a new dodger built to my specs!

Here's a picture of Sean...Boat Broker of the Year!


Saturday, October 08, 2005

Still in Baltimore!

To all our faithful readers (I know you're out there) we are in a holding pattern on the "big trip" while we do two things. 1. We are seriously negotiating for the purchase of the next boat. Could be the Endeavour 40 that we have now looked at twice and on which we have tendered an offer. 2. We are currently back in Chicago to watch daughter and husband run the Chicago Marthon. We'll see what happens when we return to Baltimore on Monday. We'll either get back on Enee and continue south or complete the deal and stay in Baltimore/Annapolis while the survey and sea trials are accomplished on the Endeavour. From there somebody (me or the yard) will have to do some scraping and paint the bottom. Brightwork needs cleaning and re-finishing and there are a couple of leaky ports that need taking care of. It's all very exciting and scary at the same time. Enee is not a perfect boat but we are aware and comfortable with her quirks, groans, and squeaks. The Endeavour is the unknown but that's what surveys are for. We'll see...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Annapolis...Sailing capital of the Galaxy!

Greetings! First off, yes, Gracie still lives and has even taken to napping occasionally in the cockpit. Brave Gracie!

We spent the past week taking a mini trip down to Annapolis in one jump and then anchoring our way back. We need to stay in the Baltimore/Annapolis area as we are seriously looking at that Endeavour in Annapolis while we need to fly out of Baltimore for the Chicago Marthon as my daughter, Leah, and her husband are running their first.

The run to Annapolis was much the same since we arrived in the Chesapeake...flat wind. The captain is getting just a little impatient as this is the weather he is used to in July in Lake Michigan. Still the cruise under the big bridge that connects the two sides of Maryland was pretty.

Here's a typical view for us. Sue likes to see the numbers on the buoys!

We found our way into Annapolis by the usual clever navigation...we followed the big sailboat in front of us! We were planning to go past the Naval Academy to Weems creek but as we came in we saw boats already anchored right off of the academy wall by their athletic fields so we dropped the hook right there.

This anchorage, while a little rolly, was a great place to watch sailboat racing and lessons that were going on.

It's a simple matter to take the dingy into Annapolis as there is a nice big dingy dock right down town. Also, there is a shower at the harbor masters for $1.00! We love anchoring because it is so FREE!

Walking around Annapolis is fun and you quickly realize that the entire town is centered around the sailboating industry. We visited Fawcetts Chandelry. A great boat store with way more selection than any West Marine.

Here's another example of the unique and beautiful boats you tend to see in Annapolis.

As I said, we love to anchor. On our way back to Baltimore we anchored in the Magothy River off of a little island. Only one other sailboat there. Pic to the left is a morning view of a house on the Magothy River. While there we spotted an Eagle in the very top of a tall tree. Magnificent! Next day we cruised into Rock Creek and anchored in a little cove surrounded by cattails. Very peaceful. Stay tuned! We could have a new (for us) Endeavour 40 soon!