Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What a Grand Endeavour

This just in...We have withdrawn our offer on the 40' Endeavour because our broker, Sean Byrne from Authentic Yachts, found the exact same boat for $20,000 LESS. We have already tendered our offer on this boat and will go up on Friday with the surveyor to see it. Oh, yeah...this boat is back in Huntington, Long Island from whence we just came! OH, well...I'd sail farther than that to save $20k. From all indications this boat seems to be exactly comparable except maybe cleaner with newer sails and with a wind battery charger which we have always wanted. Here's a link to the boat.

Endeavour 40

You'll see that it has a very tall dodger which I am not fond of because of how much windage they present. But, for what I'm saving I can have a new dodger built to my specs!

Here's a picture of Sean...Boat Broker of the Year!



Irfan Khan said...

Hey Mr. Welty, its another one of your former students. I hope your sea voyage is going well. Its a nice ship that you are planning to buy. It has a nice looking engine, maybe with the 20k you are saving you can get yourself a shiny new turbocharger.

Brian said...

Are you sure the dodger is too tall? I think it's just a two story boat. I'd offer a lot less. I think you need to install an elevator. Those can be expensive. Although,,, when you get to the islands you could probably make some extra money. I don't think they have many drive-ins down there. Just throw a sheet over the plastic and away you go.

Are you really going to sail back to New York?

Gracie Liberation Front said...

Tall Dodger = Room for a Cat Tree

Consider it.

Good Luck With Securing Your New Cathouse.

Chairman Meow

Lisa said...

The guest berth looks very welcoming for company....

Sarah said...

Wow. If that's not a good deal, then I don't know what is!

Dino Orucevic said...

What a beautiful boat. You will make me become mechanically literate and start sailing.

Anonymous said...

You may appreciate the height of that dodger at times, because of the increased visibility she offers, though you are right on the money as to the windage. Still she looks great, a good boat for the seas and for the money, and I wish you both the best of luck in all your sailing "endeavors."