Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Starting to move!

Hi Everyone following the adventures of Scott and Sue. (This is neither Scott or Sue but rather Scott's daughter)

I just got off the phone with Scott and he wanted me to update you all on where he is and what has been happening. They have not updated the blog lately because they have been on the sea and hence no internet access. But there is a plan. Tomorrow they will sail their new boat to Manhassett Bay (I am assuming I didn't spell that right). From there they will meet up with their 2 crew members and on Friday sail on down to Norfolk. They plan then on being in Norfolk by Sunday afternoon, which is a day earlier than what Scott had wanted to do.

So stay tuned for stories from the sailers aboard the new boat and out on the sea.


brian said...

hmmm... the tail end of Wilma, a nor'easter, the White Sox win the world series... might not be a bad idea to stay in New York for the winter. THose are just my thoughts. Maybe you could read some cat entrails. They might tell a different future.

Gracie Liberation Front said...

"Maybe you could read some cat entrails. They might tell a different future."

Knit one. Pearl two. Knit one. Pearl two.

I love it when people talk as I knit.

Madame Defarge