Thursday, October 13, 2005

Schooners Race in the Chesapeake

Today's blog entry (like many recent ones) comes to you from KISS cafe in Baltimore. This is a wonderful place to take care of business when you are in Baltimore. It's right across the street from the Anchorage Marina where Enee is and they have free wifi, great food, coffee, beer, AND pool tables. When you go there, say hi to Vic...the owner.

Yesterday we decided to stretch our legs and walked to Fells Point, a popular neighborhood in Baltimore. Low and behold a dozen beautiful schooners were moored right by our favorite sports bar. Who knew the "Save the Chesapeake" Schooner Race would start in Baltimore this coming week. As we sipped our beers we watched the ships raise their sails and traverse the old warf area for their shake down cruises. What a treat!

Here are some pictures of the event. The old harbor looked as it must have looked 150 years ago...without the smell...mostly! Maybe they need crew------


Lisa said...

these boats are wonderful...I would sign up to be crew...Lisa

Anonymous said...

Beautiful boats, will your new boat look like these? K