Monday, October 17, 2005


The invasion of Normandy? Child's Play! Trying to move from our boat in Baltimore to a new boat in Long Island AND get to Norfolk by Nov THAT'S a challenge. We've accomplished some smallish tasks along the way though. We've started to pack up things on Enee as we hope to close on the Long Island boat around the end of the week. Then we'll rent a van, put all our belongings in the van (they should fit easily!), drive to Long Island, load up the new boat, sail back to Manhassat Bay and wait for a good weather window so we can sail from Long Island to Norfolk non-stop. That cruise will be on the ocean side all the way and take around 50 hours. Our only hesitation is that the boat's systems will be new to us and going off shore can be a tough teacher! But, if we pick a good weather window all should be fine. Anybody looking for adventure and want to crew with us...drop us a line!

Nights are defininetly cooling off up here and the days are noticeably shorter. Makes us really itchy to get south! We just couldn't pass up this boat though so the long trek ahead will be worth it.


Jesse said...

Scott and Sue,

I hope you read this, as I saw your email pop up last night on my computer, and planned to wait until this morning to respond. I find it has disappeared into cyberspace as well as your email address. You had asked me if I wanted to come with you to Norfolk this weekend. Here's the thing, I am scheduled to race in the final weekend of the Manhasset Bay Fall Series. The weather for the weekend is now forecast as rain for both days.

If you guys can wait until Monday, (which probably would be a better weather window anyhow) if you can pay my way back here from Norfolk, and if the cat that I would be allergic to can be kept away from my bunk down below and his hair out of mine, yeah I'm there and it should be fun.

How long do you plan on staying in Norfolk? Congrats on the Endeavor 40 purchase, she sounds like a perfect boat for you in living the dream! Smooth sailing in all things, Jesse (

Cindy said...

And yet another move in the transition from Desplaines to the Caribbean! Piece o cake...or should I say "What A Wonderful Endeavor"!
Thinking about you both as you buy, pack, rent, drive, unpack & sail you booties off.

Gracie Liberation Front said...

Don't forget to pack the litter pan and tuna.

Cheers on the new cat house!

Freida Pussy!

Chairman Meow

Anonymous said...

I wish I could help you crew your new boat to Norfold, it sounds like it'd be an adventure. I just started following your adventures, it has been enjoyable reading. Nine more years and both kids will be in college and then I'm off to follow your wake.

I wish I would have known about you sooner though as my boat is in Sarnia, Ontario. I would have loved to have chatted and I probably could have got you into our marina for free, rather than Sarnia Bay.

Good luck with the new boat and I look forward to reading more of your adventures.


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Mike said...

The Endeavor 40 is a long way from the Sunfish on Squash Lake. I have been following the adventure, and it looks like a great time.

Smooth Sailing

Mike (