Saturday, February 26, 2005

Preparations Continue

Looks like the worst of winter is over. We are busily preparing the house for sale. This means that we finally fix all the stuff I've been putting off so the next owners can enjoy them. Nice. We've waterproofed the basement (I used to just not go down there after a hard rain), painted the downstairs, had the floors sanded and varnished, painted the basement walls and floor, moved all the tools out to the garage, and a bunch of little things.

Not much happening with the boat. We went up to Winthrop Harbor and fixed the cover a couple of weeks ago but haven't been back. Boat show happend back at the beginning of the month and that was fun. We had most of our summer friends crammed into our hotel room. What a fun bunch. We also bought a new outboard, life jackets and a tether at the show. These were some of the bigger items on our list.

Once it finally warms up a little I have a number of boat projects to take care of before we leave: Install the new alcohol stove, check and fix wiring in the mast, install the new spreaders I've built, paint the bottom, remove the rudder and try to take out some of the play.

We continue to visit boats on the web and, yes, they are always out east. We are looking forward to taking Enee Marie shopping in the Chesapeake. We may very well find the next boat there. If not, it's on to sunny Florida where many more boats live!

Just over 100 days to go! How will it all get done.....?