Saturday, December 12, 2009

We're still here!

Well, strangely, I posted a link to Lucy the grand daughter (is that two words or one) so that my dad could easily see the pictures and I got some response from other readers even though I haven't updated this sailing blog since we decided to live in Chicago for a year.

So, just in case there ARE some readers still out there . . .

Yes, we are having a great time living in our favorite city - Chicago. Yes it was a whopping 2 degrees the other day and my face hurt walking into the 20 knot wind! Yes, I do dream of waking up on Enee Marie and having that first cup of coffee on deck and watching the sun come up.

But, also yes, I dream of taking Lucy to a ball game! Taking her for a walk. Rolling a ball to her. Playing math games with her. Seeing the dinosaurs at the Field Museum. . .

You get the idea!

So, we have busied ourselves with helping get the baby's room ready. She comes home in a couple of hours and the room is TOTALLY ready. I turned the heat up too. Sue is working at Columbia College in a fascinating program. She and her partner have 20 Head Start teachers under there collective wings. They visit their Head Start classroom while they teach and offer observations and encouragement. They meet for formal class twice a week at Columbia. In 2 years these teachers will earn a Masters degree and have kept their jobs the whole time. Neat program mostly funded by the City of Chicago - Thanks Mayor Daley!

I too have been working at Columbia teaching one section of Physics for Filmmakers. A really fun course. As much as possible we used Hollywood films as a platform for pointing out good and bad physics. It is fun teaching physics to art students! An interesting bunch.

In January I'll be doing a seminar based on my book, The Why Book of Sailing (you bought one, right?) at the Strictly Sail Show. I'm hoping to do some live demonstrations and audience participation. I just found out yesterday that I'm scheduled for 5 shows! Yikes. 1 Thursday, 1 Friday, 2 on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday. I also plan to do heavy time in the Author's Corner selling and signing books. So if you're in town Jan 28 - 31 stop in!

One of our many plans is for me to return to Enee in January of 2011 and recommissioning her. I'm saving up for a new foresail, wind vane steering, bottom paint and some other smaller items. Sue will join me in late spring and then we'll sail her (Enee not Sue!) west to the ABC's or north to Puerto Rico. Like all plans these are carved in jell-o.

Well, like my daughter's marathon running blog turned into the Lucy/pregnancy blog maybe this one mutates into the watching Lucy/dreaming of sailing blog. I do miss writing. So if you're still out there, let's have a comment!

Cheers and fair winds!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

We're Grandparents

Hey Dad and anyone else. . .

Here's a link to pictures of our new grand daughter - Lucy Jean. . . all 10 lbs 6 oz of her!!