Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Annapolis...Sailing capital of the Galaxy!

Greetings! First off, yes, Gracie still lives and has even taken to napping occasionally in the cockpit. Brave Gracie!

We spent the past week taking a mini trip down to Annapolis in one jump and then anchoring our way back. We need to stay in the Baltimore/Annapolis area as we are seriously looking at that Endeavour in Annapolis while we need to fly out of Baltimore for the Chicago Marthon as my daughter, Leah, and her husband are running their first.

The run to Annapolis was much the same since we arrived in the Chesapeake...flat water...no wind. The captain is getting just a little impatient as this is the weather he is used to in July in Lake Michigan. Still the cruise under the big bridge that connects the two sides of Maryland was pretty.

Here's a typical view for us. Sue likes to see the numbers on the buoys!

We found our way into Annapolis by the usual clever navigation...we followed the big sailboat in front of us! We were planning to go past the Naval Academy to Weems creek but as we came in we saw boats already anchored right off of the academy wall by their athletic fields so we dropped the hook right there.

This anchorage, while a little rolly, was a great place to watch sailboat racing and lessons that were going on.

It's a simple matter to take the dingy into Annapolis as there is a nice big dingy dock right down town. Also, there is a shower at the harbor masters for $1.00! We love anchoring because it is so FREE!

Walking around Annapolis is fun and you quickly realize that the entire town is centered around the sailboating industry. We visited Fawcetts Chandelry. A great boat store with way more selection than any West Marine.

Here's another example of the unique and beautiful boats you tend to see in Annapolis.

As I said, we love to anchor. On our way back to Baltimore we anchored in the Magothy River off of a little island. Only one other sailboat there. Pic to the left is a morning view of a house on the Magothy River. While there we spotted an Eagle in the very top of a tall tree. Magnificent! Next day we cruised into Rock Creek and anchored in a little cove surrounded by cattails. Very peaceful. Stay tuned! We could have a new (for us) Endeavour 40 soon!


Anonymous said...

Great Pic's. Have fun and Go Navy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian said...

That photo of Gracie was taken in 1997 and appeared in "Cat Fancy" magazine. What's really going on?

Lookimg very gorward to hearing about the Endeavor.

Gracie Liberation Front said...

Remember the pictures of men walking on the moon that turned out to be filmed on the Paramount backlot ("One Small Step for Man, One Giant Fib for Mankind")?

The picture of Grace was indeed Photoshopped - you can tell by the abnormal shape of her whiskers. Those are obviously Captain Snappy's gray beard hairs.

I'm convinced that Gracie has been taken captive in a raid by "the Others" from Lost.

Or even worse - see Captain Snappy looking dapper this weekend in his new cat skin hat.

Woe is Gracie.

Frieda Pussy, Indeed!

Chairman Meow

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott & Sue. If you get a new boat are you going to rename it. Are you taking suggestions? I've got a bunch.