Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In Love With Baltimore

Some random photos while in Baltimore.......just a lovely city!

Aboard the USS Tarsk, above and below. K.T. How did you do it?

Baltimore is home of the famous TV show "Homicide, Life on the Street." This plaque is on the Baltimore City Police Station in Fells Point. Wonder if they would let us take a tour?

Who knew? Baltimore is also home of the Trapeze School. Unfortunately it was not in session.

At right, intereseting pub in Fells Point. Look closely at the name!

One of many Crabs in the city, Baltimore's version of the Chicago Cows.......

We're much more interested in the live creatures swimming in the Patapsco River. Yikes!

Broadway Market in Fells Point....fragrances of crabcakes and hot dogs as you walk by.

I love how the city uses existing buildings as part of their beautification and development. The four stacks used to be a power plant. Now the huge building houses Barnes and Noble, ESPN Zone, and other hot spots. You actually walk through the towers as you brouse for books at Barnes and Noble. Very Cool.

And some of the people we've met while in Baltimore......

Eileen, Jimmie, and Hal who visited with Sue and took her out to dinner while Scott was away in Chicago. Thanks Maggie for having family in my neighborhood!

Brian on his Bristol 40 in the Inner Harbor. It was great to share cocktails and sailing stories. Hope to see you in Florida!

Lauren who helped us celebrate our 100 days at sea while dining at the Cheesecake Factory. You never know when your picture will be blogged!

AND Steve and Linda who treated us to dinner. We met Steve 2 years ago during our 6 week cruise on Lake Michigan. It was great to meet again and get expert advice on sailing the Chesapeake!

We hope our sailing paths cross again soon!


Pope Benedict said...

After serious consideration and a careful reading of Rich P's comment in the last panel along with a thorough investigation not consisting of interviewing Captain Snappy's wife (she is after all, a woman); I am starting the canonization process early. Ordinarily you have to be dead to be a saint, but Saint Snappy has such a nice ring to it.

LeahC said...

I love (!!!!) the picture of the jelly fish. how cool is that! all we have here are stinky ugly fish. no fair!

Jasmine Roy said...

hello mister welty! i just decided to come visit your page for the first time. it really seems like you are enjoying your retirement. as your students, we all bring you up from time to time asking where you are now, so this is really cool. i hope things go well as you travel farther south!

Scott said...

How great it is to hear from former students! I am loving the adventure but part of me is missing being "Mr. Welty". Stay in touch!