Friday, September 09, 2005


It's everyone's favorite time! Update time!

Scott and Sue are currently in Atlantic Highlands. Yesterday was exciting as they put the boat on the bottom at Horseshoe Cove on Sandy hook. Apparently there was a shelf and the water went from being 8 feet deep to 2 feet deep. It was pretty bad as they had to have 2 rescue boats come out and pull them off. Eek. But all is well now and they are planning a long long long sail tomorrow to try and get to Atlantic City (I think...well it's somewhere really far) This will be Ocean sailing and Scott is very excited to stay the least.

Stay tuned for more!


Brian said...

Please provide more details on the bottom. I hope it was soft and there is no damage. Also-what's going on with the cat?

Cindy said...

Did the unexpected depth change & stoppage of movement remind you of Ephraim, WI? Like Brian, I also would like to hear how "the bottom" made out. How's the shopping going for the new Enee Marie "oceanliner" with sails?

Scott said...

Details about the grounding are above. The cat lives and even seems a little friskier lately. Maybe she is a vampire cat. I do have two strange puncture wounds on my neck...