Monday, September 12, 2005

Cape May

Ahoy from south Jersey. We made a run today from Atlantic City to Cape May NJ which is the bottom tip of Jersey. Wind was right in our face today and too bad because it was a nice 10 to 15 knots with 2 foot seas but we could get no angle on it and didn't want to enter another new place at night. So, it was a motor and main day. That's ok. We just needed to get the Jersey coast behind us and we've accomplished that. From here there is a little canal into Delaware bay. North then to the C&D canal which will take us into the Chesapeake. We are looking at Hurricane Ophelia and deciding when to leave here. We have little information about anchorages in the Chesapeake so we may stay here a couple of days and do some research or find a book before we take off.

Sorry no pics today. Just discovered that the marina we're in has wi fi!

Thanks to all who write and comment but NOT the spam comments from who knows who!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You guys have had quite a week, are we still having fun?

Keep us posted on the new boat shopping. K

deborah said...

Do you think you'll have any issues with the hurricane going up the coast your way?

Anonymous said...

Have a Great time but keep safe!!!

Hope you have a chance to go to
Washington DC . It is a great view this time of year. I spent 4 yrs in VA and it is Beautiful.

Brian said...

Very cool. Oceanic sailing. Don't you have to pierce something now? I recently met some ex-sailors who now own a Nordic Tug. Tempting ... but not for a while. Is Gracie in the witness protection program or something? Haven't heard much about her. If anything happens to her I'm mailing you a kitten.