Wednesday, September 21, 2005

In Baltimore

Baltimore is a GREAT cruising destination. You follow the water all the way in to the inner harbor. There you are surrounded by restaurants, the old sailing ship “Constellation” and the USS Torsk a submarine that was in service from the 40’s through the 60’s. We arrived on Monday the 19th and anchored right next to the sub. At first we were waiting for someone to come and tell us that we couldn’t anchor there but after a few water taxi’s and even the police boat went by and basically ignored us we figured we were ok. The designated anchorage area is pretty small the water is about 20 feet deep with a ‘soupy’ bottom. We were the only boat there upon arrival but to guarantee some afternoon shade and some security we laid a bow and stern anchor so that our stern would face the city. If more boats arrive we wouldn’t have to worry about swinging into them either.

We took the dingy ashore. No need for the motor as shore is about 200 yards away. Just oars. Lots and lots of restaurants including (and I’m not making this up) the “Rusty Scupper”. We had to have a rum and coke in the Rusty Scupper as it was also national “Talk Like a Pirate Day”. Who knew! (Yarrrrrrrrr..)

Back to Enee and a spaghetti dinner and to bed. . . . Holy Crap what’s that noise? At about 10 pm a crew came into the aquarium which is just the other side of the submarine and began to disassemble a metal stairway with JACK HAMMERS! (Look closely at the picture. The infamous stairs are just beyond the sub) It was the loudest racket I’ve ever heard and I played drums in some pretty bad bands. Luckily the workers stopped at 5:00 AM so I could then get my hour and a half of sleep. My body demands to get up at 6:30 no matter what for some reason.

Tuesday we looked at a number of boats. We really like the Endeavor 40 and plan to look some more tomorrow. Sean, our broker from Authentic Yachts, was a great guide and drove us around Baltimore and Annapolis boat yards. He even stopped at the Giant grocery store where we re-provisioned for another couple of weeks. This was also the day to celebrate our 100 days at sea! We had a great dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Thanks Jason for the gift certificate… it still worked.

Went for a long walk today to the West Marine. Did you know you had to replace the little paper filters in the Racor water separator filter? I didn’t. Finally this filter was so clogged the engine shut itself down. But enough about my mechanical acuity, the walk was through some more interesting Baltimore neighborhoods. There is a neighborhood called Little Italy with many more restaurants and a bars and club area called Fells Point that used to be the old docks. Baltimore is an interesting and fun city and we’re looking forward to seeing more of it in the days that follow while we shop for the next boat.


Anonymous said...

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Gracie Liberation Front said...

In Little Italy there's a great dessert place - Vaccaro’s, Fawn St, Little Italy. (Great Tiramisu -but, consider the source - I eat nothing but cat food. They make an amaretto version too. What makes it great? Amazing homemade whipped topping, and you can actually taste real liqueur in the bottom. This isn’t thawed out Costco Tiramisu!

For Crab cakes - Located southwest of Baltimore city, G & M is a dive restaurant and bar that arguably offers the best crab cakes in the area. This assertion in public, however, will buy you a heated discussion from fans of Jimmy's or Timbuktu. This is why the line stretches out the door on weekends, and despite the enormous menu (of American, Italian and Greek items), is the top reason to eat at G & M. And thousands of fans can't be wrong; the crab cake (sandwich or platter) is by far the best thing on the menu. Look around -- nearly every plate has a crab cake. Watch out, hon, this is not your usual Maryland crab cake that is deep- fried, brown, small and loaded with filler. G & M's crab cakes are broiled, golden, huge (the size of a grown man's fist), and contain large chunks of lump backfin crabmeat with very little filler. 804 N Hammonds Ferry Rd
Linthicum, MD 21090
5.88 Miles Away

The best place for a sane Sunday morning breakfast - Louie's Book Store Cafe — A funky cafe, bar and bookstore serving eclectic international fare and known for rich desserts. Live classical music nightly and during Sunday brunch. Get a New York Times and listen to Bach. Monday-Saturday opens 11:30 am, Sunday 10:30 am (for brunch to 3 pm). Closes at 11 pm Monday and Sunday, at 11 pm Tuesday-Thursday and at 12:30 am Friday and Saturday. 518 N. Charles St., phone 410-962-1224.

Remember - the Chairman spent many months in Balteemore in his other life.

Yours - up to the litter pan.

Chairman Meow

Anne Martin said...

Welcome to Baltimore! Our friend and commodore sent us your Blog and I just finished reading it. You're living my fantasy and wish you a safe, healthy, happy journey!

Anne Martin

Brian said...

Scott-The Endeavor looks like a nice boat. They are nice boats, very well made. Such a boat would be great for the ocean. It would be a shame to just abandon Enie like an old cat.. but hey. We would have a whole new technical diary. What do you mean the paper? We have an R24S seperator. I change it every winter.

By the way... Deborah and I might, and I strongly emphasize MIGHT, look at a boat in Toledo, Ohio. What do you think would be the minimum amount of time to sail it back to Chicago. See - You are a mentor now. How does it feel?

Gracie Liberation Front said...

"It would be a shame to just abandon Enie like an old cat.. but hey."


Knit one - pearl two - knit one pearly two...

Did I mention, The GLF's favorite book (next to Cats Cradle) is A Tale of Two Cities?

Knit one - pearl two...

Viva La Revolution!

Chairman Meow
Frieda Pussy!