Monday, September 19, 2005

Some mini photo stories

We sailed into Baltimore's inner harbor today. What an amazing way to arrive. We pulled right between the submarine which is part of the aquarium and the USS Constellation which is part of the maritime museum. We are currently the only anchored boat in the area and loving every minute of it.

The following is a photo story of our recent travels and adventures. Hope you enjoy! Remember, you can click on any picture to get a larger version. Then hit your 'back' button to return to the riviting text!

On our way to finding an anchorage, Scott looks up and says, "Hey look at that plane. I think it's going to land!" One shouldn't always have both eyes on just the depth meter!!!! He landed alright...about 100 yards off our stern. Plenty of room, I guess!

Learning about low tide in Lloyd's Neck, Long Island. Those bumps weren't there when we drove our dingy over to the channel earlier in the day!

Dan and Judy of sailing vessel Tortuga! They have been cruising for 10 years on their 33' Ranger and have many stories to tell as well. We first hooked up with them in Castleton NY, just missed them in NYC and then hooked up again in Port Washington. We hope to see them again somewhere down the coast.

Our first day on the ocean...Scott hasn't been this happy since the 1985 Bears!

While sailing the Atlantic from Atlantic City to Cape May we had a visitor! But not for very long since we jibbed and scared him away. Sorry Gracie!

Yikes! What just happened? Oh, the main sheet disengaged from the traveler. Good thing we are only sailing the ocean and the seas are calm. (Actually they were). Quick Captain Snappy... time for repairs at sea, your favorite!

Right-O....I'm on it.

Canyon Resort harbor in Cape May, NJ.... a very fisherman friendly marina. Note the gas pumps on the docks!!!!

However no one could top Utsch's marina in Cape May for hospitality. Look at the goody bag they gave us! Yes, that is a bottle of wine.

This is the Cape May canal the day before we traveled it.

You guessed it. This is the day we 'sailed' the Cape May canal. Fortunately there are no large freighters on this canal.

However, Delaware Bay is another story. The fog did lift though and the freighters came and went. The seas built steadily from the south and we finally made our way into Delaware City, on a very secluded creek.

In Delaware City we met up with Jack and Ruthie who are relatives of Georgia, Scott's stepmother. Jack has flown a Cessna for 30 years and we had many adventures to swap over dinner including the time Ruthie accidently turned off the fuel while flying!

One of the many fishing boats in the ocean. Resemblances of 'perfect storm.'

Sue arriving in Baltimore. She loves arriving by sea!

Captain constantly searching for a wifi connection.

Gracie....she's not dead yet but what's with those eyes! Heavy betting action on Gracie making it to the Keys. Bet 'em up!

And Enee in Baltimore harbor among the other historical sites! Yes, we are anchored next to a submarine!


deborah said...

Excellent pictures. Everyone looks to be having a great time including Gracie. Hope it's fair sailing all the way to the Keys.

Gracie Liberation Front said...

Fidel is still with us. Gracie will make it to the Keys and beyond.

Chairman Meow

Cindy said...

I really love the pictures. I understand them so much better than the sailing & boat terms :-)