Sunday, September 11, 2005

Enee Sails the Ocean!

Hello to all faithfull readers. When we find internet we publish what we have. The following three entries are all new. Enjoy

Yesterday we got up at 3:00AM and got Enee going at 4 to sail from the base of Sandy Hook to Atlantic City...ON THE OCEAN. OK, we were pretty excited about this trip. About 70 miles down the coast. First of all we had to negotiate a number of buoys and read charts to make it around the point of Sandy Hook in the dark while keeping an eye on the numerous ocean going liners and freighters. That done the sun came up in a perfectly blue sky! Wind was about 10 kts out of the NE and we were able to broad reach, wing and wing, and some motor down the Jersey coast. Ocean swells were about 2 feet and felt wonderful. We're really in the ocean and sailing SOUTH!

We just made it to Atlantic City as it was getting dark. After much swearing and gnashing of teeth (we're still a little tense when we get into shallow know less than 50 feet!) we found a slip at the Trump Marina. Yes, THAT Trump. Nice place but a little pricey but, hey, we deserve it. Besides, I'll win back the price of the slip at the crap table!

Tomorrow we're off to Cape May which is only another 20-30 miles down the coast.

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