Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Work Continues...

We are busy upgrading Enee Marie (the boat) expecting her to make the trip next year south to the Keys. Yesterday we removed, scraped and repainted the alcohol tank. Re-installed it up on some blocks of wood so that the legs don't rust so bad in the future. We also removed a locker lid and scraped and repainted that. When the paint dries I'll install new hinges and new foam tape to make a better seal with the edge of the locker. No pictures as Scott left the camera at the Des Plaines sailing center where it will hopefully be found!

Another recent innovation is that we now support our little cockpit table using a chain led up to the boom. Scott put a pad eye on the boom and a cup hook under the edge of the table for this purpose. Now there is no leg to trip over as we had it before. Of course there will be no using the table while under sail either but we rarely did anyway.

As usual, Gracie was no help!

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