Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The strange week continues...

On Wednesday last week we once again ventured out onto the big lake to have dinner and watch fireworks. We backed out of our slip as usual and got into the fairway. When Scott put the engine in forward...nothing happened! The engine was NOT connected to the propeller any longer. Scott hollered to Jeff D. and his buddy who were on the dock to come help as he then jumped to the bow to drop the anchor. Luckily the wind was light but Enee Marie was still sliding north faster than we would have liked. After NOT being able to tow the boat with my dingy which Jeff had brought out (THAT'S nice to know!) we coasted into a empty slip and effected repairs.

While in reverse the propeller and shaft had driven themselves out of the collar that holds them to the transmission. There are only two set screws that connect the shaft to the rest of the boat. A little scary to think about actually. Anyway, from now on we only go forward. Scott may have to hang a couple of old tires off of the bow when we want to stop.

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