Thursday, January 12, 2006

Grinding the hull...and then!!!

So the large project of removing all the paint AND the gelcoat from the hull is in progress. Here's Erik grinding away. Once this is done we can let the hull weep and wash it as it does. The washing removes the goo coming out which if left alone can actually re-seal that area and not allow any more of the water out. As to how the water gets in, well, that is a problem with older boats. The gelcoat under the bottom paint is not waterproof forever and bit by bit water gets by. The fiberglass itself can then absorb the water. If not attended to you will get ugly blisters...well, actually the boat will and then layers of fiberglass begin to delaminate from the boat. We don't have any of this so once the drying process is completed an epoxy barrier coat will go on and then the bottom paint.

We may be held up for quite awhile though because as we were watching the water and goo bleed out of the hull whose image should we see but, yes you guessed it, The weeping Enee Marie Madonna! I would say this is at least as impressive as her last appearance at a Chicago overpass.

Now we will have to wait for the parade of patrons to pay homage to the old girl. Well, maybe we can defray some of our costs with a brisk candle business on the side.

Stay tuned. This is sure to make the 10 o'clock news.


Andrea said...

Now there's a part time job! Scott can sell candles ($5.00 ea.), and matches ($1.00 ea.), while Sue sells refreshments (old style - $10.00 per can, devilled, or should I say "angelled" eggs - 2 for $5.00). And don't forget the plastic flower concession! You may have to import help for that.

brian said...

Scott- My last comment didn't show up. Either I got that verification wrong or comeone censored the part about you not being allowed within 500 feet of Maine East (responding to Irfan). Here goes again. Who is doing your dripless packing gland. That sounds really bad. Seriously. We had one on the old boat and I was contemplating one on the new one. Always nice to know someone who has gone before. Your Madonna kinda looks like Cher after another round of plastic surgery.

NeverAnonymous said...

Candle business be damned! This is the new Millenium of Ebay and Grilled Cheese. Here's my take, auction off the painting on Ebay, invite Carl Hiassen to write it up in the Miami Herald, have the yard hire enough security to keep the wasted south floridian throngs from falling off floating docks, and then when the publicity builds enough, sell the photo to casino for a cool million, and buy a used Wallyboat to leave in the Med while the Endeavor can be your Caribbean Cruiser w/ a mere patch where the madonna of the windy city once longingly gazed.