Saturday, April 08, 2006

A walk around town….

Thursday morning we dingyied into town about 8a.m. You can tell when it’s 8 o’clock because the Coast Guard Station plays the national anthem. Piped music traveling throughout the town while the roosters crow. How quaint. We both walked to Scott’s worksite and I took a few photos of the 'regular' neighborhood on the way . Regular in that the houses are very small and a little run down and priced at around $500,000. We're not making this up! Of course the picture of his building he’s working on has the lens cap in it. Bummer.

I continued on to the Publix with my little blue West Marine cart. It took awhile for the bus to show up but then a quick ride to the grocery store where I replenished for another week or two. Everything except booze. Hmmmm. It was a short wait for the bus return trip to town. While waiting I threw away all extraneous packages like cracker boxes and such. No need for them on the boat and less to haul around. When the bus arrived I pulled my little cart up the short step and found a seat by the back door. A few minutes later I was loading the dingy with the goodies and heading out to Enee. It was very warm and calm this day and very little waves on the bay except for the power boaters, which there weren’t many, thankfully.

As I unloaded the groceries Gracie came out of her slumber and joined me in having some cheese and carrots. Well she only ate the cheese. I ran some engine to charge the batteries while doing these chores which unexpectedly included washing the sheets because Gracie decided to hurl a fur ball right in the middle of the bed again. Yummy! Not a big deal since a quick rinse, wash, rinse of the bad spots then out on the life lines to dry. By the time the batteries were charged the sheets were back on the bed.

So back into the dingy I go this time with the computer and my camera. More photos to be taken of Key West as I walk around town. I walked down Simonton to Flemming heading toward Duval. Oh look there's our favorite book store and, who knew, a liquor store right across the street. I think there might be just enough room in this backpack for a bourbon treat.

There is only one cruise ship in town and Duval Street is pretty quiet. Although it's only 1:00 in the afternoon, Irish Kevin’s is jamming, as usual but it’s not our favorite guy! The 'I love you man' guy must have a day off.

I pass a church on the corner of Duval and something where I hear music. I look closer and notice a rooster at my feet. These critters are everywhere and still part of the charm of Key West.
Duval Street is a shopper and drinker's delight. T-shirts, jewelry, tatoos, sunglasses, cigars are readily available among the many, many restaurants and bars. In fact there are beverage stands to get a beer for the walk to the next bar! We love this town!

Finally I made it back to the harbor neighborhood where our favorite internet café is located: Coffee Plantation. A great place, very friendly, accommodating to lounging and internetting, and they accept packages and mail for you! Talk about a home away from home. You can sit inside or out, the signal is strong and you can stay all day if you want.

At the end of the day when Captain Stinky comes home from work it's time for a swim and some anchor untangling. The boat turns 180 degrees twice a day which makes for very confused anchor rodes. Captain Stinky is to the rescue!


LeahC said...

Key west looks like a great town!!! And it looks like you guys are totally enjoying being there.

brian said...

Captain Stinky???

Andrea said...

Hey, it beats "Prison Guard Andrea" any day.

Cindy said...

Your perspective on Key West reminds me of how I feel about Mazatlan. It's not just the sunshine, not just the ocean breezes, not just the night life, not just the fun people ("I love ya, Man!")'s all that and much more rolled into a cool mix. It's great to hear about the ingredients of YOUR Key West mix!...Captain Stinky and all :-)