Saturday, September 09, 2006

Gracie's New Home!

She wasn't too happy being packed up into her carrying case, lowered into the dingy and taking the short ride to shore. She also wasn't too happy with the hot car ride to the beach. But once we arrived and Pete welcomed us into his airconditioned apartment, Gracie quickly made herself at home sniffing and exploring and finding her way as she lightly bumped into things. When Mr. Butters walked through the door Gracie didn't even notice. Well, she's blind so she didn't see him. She was also too busy trying to figure out the new smells and where she was. Mr. Butters positioned himself under a chair and held his ground there. Gracie walked into him at one point and he gave her a 'love tap' on the nose. She quickly turned around and walked back toward Pete. She then continued with exploring finding new rooms and spaces to bump into.

Pete invited us to visit anytime. It turns out that he's also an 'old salt' sailor although Gracie is happy to hear that he doesn't have any plans to live on a boat. He will take good care of her. I think she will enjoy this home on the beach for her retirement!


Gracie Liberation Front said...

A Program Note:

The Gracie Liberation Front has left the building - in it's place a new organization has been born - The FFOS: Freshwater Friends of Sue.

Sue is is more than just a bunch of old dinosaur bones at the Field Museum - she's a woman who used to have a healthy fear of the water. Sue once had to be dragged into rafting on a shallow river. Smart girl that Sue!!

Save Our Sue (SOS). Get her back to the safety of the Great Lakes (100 mile per hour winds notwithstanding).

Let's ship Sue back to the land of take out food and drive by killings. We need your help! Join the FFOS!

Sean Connery, Chief SINOS (Scotsman In Need of Sue)

brian said...

Is this the Burt Reynolds website? What's with all the shirtless men.

Anonymous said...

Burt Reynolds? No. More like Brokeback Bay.