Sunday, August 19, 2007

Look what's out!

Hey gang. Yes, The Why Book of Sailing is now listed on Amazon. Looks like it is not ready for shipping yet, only pre-order. You can click the link on the left though and buy it from here. I think it's been just about a year since I started sending letters to publishers. Fun to see it listed. Buy several!

In other news, we had a little burst of wind here yesterday (40+ kts) which started the drag races in the harbor. No damage to any boats and we didn't drag at all. Glad I laid that second anchor the other day though.

Looks like Dean is going to go on a rampage in Jamaica later today. The norteast quadrant of a hurricane has the highest winds and with the eye maybe passing to the south of Jamaica makes for a real bad hombre'.

Nothing else too new here. A sort of rhythm has evolved though. Sunday morning is always the flea market and cruiser get-together at the marina. In the afternoon it's poker at Steve's Place in Luperon. Monday is emerging as game board afternoon at the yacht club during their happy hour. Wednesday features movie night at La Yola restuarant with dinner, movie and transportation for about 10 bucks. Friday is Karoake night at the marina. We only attend some of these things but between all these events, reading, writing, staring at the night time sky, and boat projects we're never really bored.

That's it from loopy Luperon. GO CUBS!


Anonymous said...

How do I get my copy of the book autographed? Glad to hear Dean missed you.
Sally in Ohio

Anonymous said...

My son is buying your book! Uncle JOhn Glade sent him the link! good luck! Mary Lu Booker

Rich P said...

Congrats, Mr. Science! You've inspired me to plow ahead on my book detailing my journey out of faith!

DR Ware said...

Your book was delivered today! I had pre-ordered it from Amazon. I have read the first chapter and can tell I am going to enjoy reading the rest of the book, which I will do on vacation next week. Now I just need to learn how to sail...