Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Leah’s GONE :-(

What a fun week. Daughter Leah spent a week with us aboard Enee and that really livened things up around here. We ran, we swam, we took long hikes, we took aspirin (I did!) Good work out! The hike consisted of climbing up the hill in Marigot to the old fort. This is worth the effort as the view from up there is breath taking...well, the climb is breath taking as well!

This photo shows Leah and Scott 'chatting' with each other via laptop. Even in person they have to get a 'chat' in. Sue sits by with her Presidente and camera enjoying the silliness.

On Sunday we all went to a very nice beach on the outside in Simpson Bay. The Buccaneer Bar is there and they have free beach chairs (as long as you have a drink or something to eat). We spent a good part of the morning and into the afternoon there. Good swimming, reading and, just hanging out. Fun.

By the way, this is one great kid. After complaining about our lack of iPod over the last several weeks she bought us a brand new one! What fun to have music back. Thanks again Leah. . . you’re the BEST!

Of course Mismo was happy to have another playmate as well.

MEOW...HOW....HOW.....HOW to all my feline blues brothers!

Leah took many pictures with her fancy Cannon 40D SLR camera and I’ll be putting links to those pics soon.

Leah also infected us with the idea of producing a Podcast. This looks to be lots of fun and we’re learning how to use Garageband on our Mac to make recordings and researching how to then post the podcast. Stand by for this...should be lots of wacky fun.

We have decided to stay in St. Maarten through the weekend as this weekend is the Heineken Cup Regatta - the biggest sailing race weekend in the Caribbean. As such I’ve volunteered to drive a dingy to shuttle sailors to and from boats and bars. That should be fun. But that’s the weekend. Tomorrow we hope to pop down to St. Barts and hook up with Bulldog Garza our lawyer and good friend. He and his wife are on their yearly get-away in a villa on St. Barts. We’ll shoot straight back to St. Maarten then on Thursday and be ready for the regatta on Fri, Sat, and Sun. Besides the sailing there is much going on in terms of parties and live music.

So, today is get ready day - get water, gas, do some laundry, and check out of customs. Stand by for reports from the Heineken Regatta.


LeahC said...

I had such a fun time. Thanks again!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous just reading your blog! We are just in St. Maarten for 2 weeks.....but oh... the life on the rolling sea! We head back to the Great Lakes area on Thursday........with only thoughts that Spring will be around the corner and the Gadabout III will come out of winter storage and home to her slip in Saugatuck! Stay safe.........enjoy.........for you are having the time of your lives!