Monday, April 28, 2008

This and That from Bourg Des Saintes

First of all, thanks to our friends Bruce and Lin aboard 'Alize', we have the rare picture of Enee under sail. Click on it and you can see Sue at the bow looking for 'fish floats'. Also rare is that we are unreefed! Almost never happens.

Here's me and Phillipe, our sail maker. He came out to measure us for a new Genoa. We're going to wait on that as it turns out but he is going to make some minor repairs to our main sail. We delivered that to him today and he put it on the back of his motor scooter.

Mismo the cat that likes to 'help'. No matter what I'm messing with she always has her nose right in it. I'm trying to disassemble the reversing solenoid for the broken windlass here. Actually she has become a good companion for us.

On Sunday there was a regatta here featuring these classic little sloops. They are similar to the Bahamian rigs we reported on just about a year ago. Our sailmaker, Phillipe, raced hard all day and finished second. He got beat making the turn at the windward mark and stayed 20 meters behind the first boat the rest of the day. Well, as the french say, 'What would Jerry Lewis do"?

So, We'll get our main back on Tuesday and get it rigged and hope to sail north to Guadeloupe proper on Wednesday. All comments and emails are very welcome as usual.

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Kit Walker said...

Those of us boatless bum are growing green, and not along the waterline, reading of your adventures. Yes, another boat is in the works, so I will see you out there somewhere soon. And after seeing Scott's new build, I'll knock windlass off my list of gear and add hand anchor pulling to my beer hefting workout!

Have you considered training the cat for anchor duty?