Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Chicago Bound

Yes...we will be spending the summer in Chicago! Is it a coincidence that we're Wrigley Field...I mean Chicago bound now that the Cubs look very serious after 100 years and that we'll be in Chicago for the summer? Maybe-

Scott left for Chi-town a couple weeks ago and was able to support Leah during her final deadlines for her Phd analysis. Last summer Jason was on the hot seat. This summer it's Leah's turn.

So for the past 10 days or so I've been making my way to a boatyard in Marin, Martinique with the help of several terrific people.

First of all Debbie and Larry (s/v Debonaire) helped me sail Enee from Fort de France to Marin. It was just about a 20 mile sail and not counting the 2 squalls (one at the beginning of the trip and one at the end) it was a fun sail. Well, actually it was a motor/main sail into the wind. But we're used to that now. Thanks guys. And the slip knot on the anchor chain held for 3 days.

Next I asked a nearby couple on s/v Leona to help me take down the sails. I saw them earlier in the afternoon come to the rescue of a cruiser who was diving on his boat to clean his prop. Apparently he suddendly couldn't breathe and Tom and Dominique literally saved his life. Well they saved mine too as far as getting these sails down. What a team they are. I hardly did anything. They also charter with their boat and I know it would be a great time sailing the Caribbean with them.

Finally the friendly people at the Carenantilles boatyard are terrific. Gerard hauled the anchor (remember no working windlass) and helped drive Enee into the haul out slip as well as made sure I had everything I needed for Enee to be secure on the hard. Jocelyne in the office was there from beginning to end including my anxious moments when I couldn't get any phones to work so she let me use the office cell phone and land line. Every time I walked into the office she said, 'bon jour Susan, how can I help you.' It was great.

Of course there is always the Welty & Rieger team back in sweet home Chicago who were always there for me via email/chat/skype. I really could not have gotten Enee ready for storage and myself with a ticket home without them.

So thank you all and can't wait to be back in town. I'm thinking future updates will have a lot to do with the Cubs.

And yes it is a new month and Happy Birthday to the June birthday boys: Eric and Evin. Maybe I can wish you both happy birthday in person. Oh wait - Eric is in Oregon and Evin is in the Dominican Republic. Well, you guys will just have to read this blog.

Okay - here's Mismo. She is very confused because all of her play places are gone including the rolled up fron sail that she likes to run and climb a 1/3 way up then slowly back down. She is not pleased. Just wait 'til she flies on the airplane tomorrow!


deborah said...

Where's MIsmo?

Rum Runner said...

So we are super bummed that we will not catch up with you in Grenada, but are happy that you will have time back in Chicago. Sounds like you did a super job getting Enee Marie all safe and sound for the summer! We are headed out of St. Martin tomorrow (finally!) and will head down island. Hope to see you when you get back and have a great time back in the States. Go CUBS!
Jay and Jen and Kona who still wants to meet Mismo

Sally said...

Aha, I was wondering where you were going to hole up during hurricane season. Chicago couldn't be a better place. Good job Sailor Sue! I'll bet Capn Snappy is pretty proud. Still reading after almost 3 years....Sally in Ohio