Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to the Islands!

OK, it's for real. The crew of Enee Marie will be heading back to the islands on Aug 8-9. As I'm sure you all remember, Enee is on the hard in Martinique. We'll have the yard put the boat in on the day we arrive and we'll put the sails on and make ready for sea the next day. Then, weather permitting, we'll be off to Grenada and maybe Trinidad where several of our friends are. We fly to San Juan, spend the night, and then on to Martinique. We'll stay at Mismo's favorite hotel. This will be Mismo's last visit to America by the way. Between airline fees, pet friendly hotels, and veteranarian visits her trip cost about the same as ours! Good thing we love her! (little bitch. . . )

It's has been a great stay in Chicago. We worked on maybe staying through December but apparently I am un-hireable so it's much easier to be poor in the islands than in Chicago. Still, Chicago in the summer is about the best place in the world to be. This weekend alone there was the Lincoln Ave. Street fair (yummy corn dog!), The Newberry Library book fair, Cubs baseball(still in first!), and the Venetian Night boat parade. Best of all is all the really fun and 'quality' time spent with daughter Leah and her husband Jason. Since I've arrived Leah has finished up her thesis, prepared her talk (to be given later this week!), found a very exciting job downtown Chicago, and found a new and very slick apartment near the lake and the ball park. Fun times. Too bad we'll miss the actual move (right!!!)

So, stay tuned for more sailing stories from hurricane season in the islands. Supposed to be great sailing this time of year . . . . when there's no hurricane.


LeahC said...

not-hirirable is too strong of language...just nothing right now...there is lots of people that should hire you, just need more lead time perhaps.

It was *SO* fun having you guys here...and you know you'll be back in October for Cubs baseball..I hope!

harbor53 said...

We would hire you - but, we're the government and we take anyone.. Are you a transexual - we're looking for those.

Sally said...

Oh gosh, what will the Cubs do without you?
Looking forward to good stories but none about hurricanes, I hope.

Rum Runner said...

So far the weather is looking great for the season so head on down! Looking forward to the long anticipated rum reunion! By the way, diesel is only $1.00 a gallon here in Trinidad so you can turn on the engine if you don't get any wind to get here!
Love, Jay Jen and Kona the salty dog