Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Grenada to Cariacou (Tyrell Bay)

First of all, someone call the fashion police! My new dive outfit to protect me from the dreaded barnacles!

Finally. Underway again! I’m too excited. We’ve been in Grenada for 7 months. Admittedly most of that was for me to work which then petered out but still that’s a LONG time for Capt. Me to not move. AND, winds are supposed to be east not north east for a change and our course to Cariacou is about 40 degrees true. We can do that!

Of course there’s not much wind in the lee of Grenada and what there is is heading us pretty badly. Motor and main. What else is new. But when we get north of the island surely we’ll find the easterly trades.

Right. If you call wind out of 45 degrees easterly. I hate all weather guys. Every source had winds from the east today and they missed it by 45 freaking degrees. That coupled with the west set to the current made for a long slow motor boat ride. . . Again!

BUT, the big news is that while hugging the coast of Grenada we caught a fish. A BIG fish. Now remember, I’m from Indiana where a 2 lb bass is a giant. We were just dragging a cedar plug on a hand line. I had about 50 feet out. I tied off the line and then pulled down a piece and clipped it to the lifeline with a clothespin. When a fish hits, the line straightens out and jumps off the clothespin and you know you have FISH ON and boy did we ever get FISH ON!

(click on pic to see the fish be even BIGGER!)

I put on my gloves and pulled up the line hand over hand while Sue throttled down and helped with the line on deck. When I pulled him out of the water I was shocked! He’s a beast! I estimate about 12 pounds of Jack. Horse Eye Jack to be exact. I tried killing him with rum (works for me!) but had to finish him off with the ball peen hammer. Not pretty. But man did I cut some huge slabs of filet off of this guy! That’s dinner tonight. . . And FREE!

We’re in Tyrell bay on the west side of Cariacou. Nice bay. We could see bottom to find a sand patch to drop anchor. Huge bay and only about 4 meters (400 centi-meters or 2.2 fathoms) deep for a large part of it. We’re not even launching dinghy tonight. Tomorrow we will and go explore shore a little. Fish dinner was to die for. Sue just baked Jack with some onion and spices on top. We could barely eat half of it.

Great to be moving! Even if it was with Mr. Perkins!

Finally, here comes another Cubs baseball season. Mismo already can't face it. Me either!

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