Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back in Grenada

Yes, another great sailing day! We left Tyrell Bay hoping to be able to sail to the east of the little islands to the north of Grenada (Ronde Is, Diamond Rock, Les Tantes) and then sail right by the natural rock bridge, London Bridge, on our way to Grenada's western shore. Well a fair wind indeed and we had no problem sailing 195 degrees and getting to the east of the islands. At that point Sailor Sue said, "You know if we can sail this we can probably sail down the east coast of Grenada AND it's about 7 miles closer"! Brilliant! AND we can sail and not have to motor in the lee of Grenada.

Another fine sailing day ensued. Usually this side of Grenada can be rough and windy but we had rather light conditions. We ended up by sailing the last 5 miles or so wing and wing which is always fun. So, we're back in Prickly Bay and NOT in the unmarked Coast Guard channel (shockingly they did not get the buoys in yet!). We've broken up the varnish below decks into what we consider to be one day jobs. There's about 50 of them! While Sue tackles that I'm going to finally get around to removing all the crap on this boat that no longer works or is needed: air conditioners, pumps, refrigeration from the old engine driven unit, various gauges and wires, wires, wires. Should be fun. And, of course, daily swimming and scraping of the hull.

We celebrated our arrival back to Prickly Bay by going to the Friday night 2 hour happy hour, having pizza and dancing to the steel pan music of 'It's a Wonderful World.' (A slow dance so no broken bones). Life is good --- good and short!

And finally, a Mismo picture.
Mismo says: 'There are only 2 life jackets on board and when things go to hell, I'm gettin' one!'


travis swaim said...

Love the idea of sailing off to who know where. I plan on doing the same thing someday soon...

Anonymous said...

Scott & Sue,
here I am, streaming the lake erie nearshore forcast. check'n my watch,just about to sneak out of the office for the 3 hr drive to Lk Erie. You lucky ducks. just liv'n the dream. thanks for keeping your blog current. some day we'll be out there too.

Ken V
Windsong C30
Pt Clinton, oh

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