Monday, October 18, 2010

Life Changes

Most recently Sue and I had decided on a plan whereby we get Enee Marie going again by spring and sail her to the north east US. Sounds like one of our plans. I had planned to go to Grenada to work on her for about a month over Christmas - January. The extended version of this plan has us living and working in Chicago during the school year and then sailing Enee Marie in the summer where ever she is. That's a good plan we think but it's an even better plan if grandpa could earn some more stinking money.

Then the phone rang. . .

A private school north of Chicago suddenly needs a full time physics teacher! They want me.

I'll take it!

At the same time as is happened a spot just turned up at the very nice day care center in the neighborhood and Lucy is ready for that we all think. So. . . I could start as early as next week!!

HOLY CRAP! Teenagers! I'm sure I can still hack it but there is soooooooo much work to do to figure out where the kids are at, what text books they use, what's in the lab?

So, I'm back to being Mr. Welty (and I like that guy ok) for the rest of this school year at least. I'll not have the time I thought I'd have to work on Enee but I'll have the money to hire it out even though that's and expensive way to go. Maybe I can do it in 2 hunks - Christmas and spring break but once you factor in air fare I might be better off just hiring out the work and keeping close tabs on it as best I can.

Life just keeps happening to me!

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Kit Walker said...

Boy does life happen. Can you believe that there's a storm warning for Grenada and Trini? Didn't anyone tell this thing that named storms aren't allowed to go there?

Hang on, Enee...