Monday, July 04, 2011

This Could Be the Week!

Found out Saturday that the last parts that we need for the auto pilot are on the island and will be picked up on Monday. I should be able to finish the install Monday-Tuesday with a calibration run on Tuesday as well. That means Wednesday could be get away day and that would be good as we see a shift in wind to the ESE Wednesday - Thursday. That's excellent for going north!

Check out the wind forecast here!

Three other projects remain: New jib halyard has been purchased but needs to be reeved. We have new lettering for the transom that needs to be put on (that should lead to some swearing!). I have to connect up the rudder sensor for the auto-pilot.

Sue is going to the store today to get a few items to add to our stores and that should do it! We are SOOOO ready to get moving. Now all hurricanes: PLEASE STAND DOWN!

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