Friday, April 01, 2005

On another front here is the through-hull for the head. I've ground down the fiberglass that had been built up to hold the old pipe stem to create a flat area to bed the new through hull. The problem is that this hole is not perpendicular to the outside of the hull so there is no way to bed it on the outside...Hmmmm? Posted by Hello

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Gracie Liberation Front said...

I have holes like that all over my body. Six of them to be specific. Do I need a new rudder, too? Will that help me navigate?

I used to always think I was a kitty who might enjoy good reefer - but, I was always afraid to run aground - so I just kept to the catnip and stayed away from the shallow reefs. With all those holes to fill and with a new rudder I might have to reconsider.