Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Made It!

Yes we are indeed in Norfolk, VI! The new boat performed well over the 57 hours at sea. I just about didn't sleep as I was always waiting for something to go "SPRONG!" in the middle of the night as I am still very unfamiliar with the boat systems. On the first night we rolled on the genny as the wind came up nicely from astern. We sailed the next day AND the next night and into the next day on that one sail with no engine and averaged between 6-7 knots! In fact we got to Norfolk too early as it was sill dark and we didn't want to enter the busy harbor area at night. The wind was blowing a steady 30 knots with some serious gusts. The sea state had gone to hell and we sailed around in circles for a couple of hours waiting for first light. Pretty unnverving as we were all very tired at this point.

At first light we headed in and started to figure out the bouys. We soon discovered that when you get to this point you are now where near Norfolk yet! We motored another 6 hours to get to the river and down to Norfolk/Portsmouth. We found a slip at a marina in Portsmouth right at mile 0 of the ICW. We are cleaning and straightening up and provisioning so that we can truly head south tomorrow.

We already love our new boat and will make a list of major changes (new dodger!) we want to make when we reach Florida. I'll be looking for a good canvas shop so any help would be appreciated.