Friday, November 18, 2005

Random Thoughts...Random Pictures

We're spending the day in Georgetown, S.C. watching the animal control people chipping the dogs off of the fire hydrants. Did I mention how COLD it is down here!

We've found a wonderful little cafe called "The Humidor" and, no, it's not a comedy shop, they have coffee, beer, wine, chess, snacks, guitars, comfy chairs, WiFi AND cigars! All cruisers should make sure you stop here. It is upstairs at 725 Front St. Georgetown, S.C.

Anyway...what follows are some recent favorite pictures and comments with no particular theme.

The pic at the left is from our anchorage off of Butler's Island on the Waccamaw River which is part of the ICW about 5 miles north of Georgetown. Sometimes we forget the great views we get nearly every day.

Besides the nice anchorages the view along the way ain't so bad either!

Not all of the intercoastal looks like this. In fact just below this picture the Waccamaw river turned pretty brown along the edge.

Some parts of the ICW, especially in South Carolina have been and are currently being built up with houses and CONDOS. Yes Condos are everywhere! Condos seem to pop up where ever there are golf courses. You get a pretty good view then not counting the bad fashion!

Here's a fine example of the good and the bad. Some very nice mansions along the way and then...the CONDOS.

Here's some very typical construction down this way. Most houses are built like this one...on stilts. Looks like there is no living on the ground floor but on the second and then the third. Hmmmm...must have gotten some hurricanes up this way in the past!

Local fisherman are plentiful along this part of the ICW as well. Here are two 'old pros' hauling in their nets. They were patiently sitting along the shore for us to pass, then quickly put on their life jackets, started the motor and began to pull in the net which was strung all the way across the river. Who knew? Wonder if they caught anything....
Here's a fairly rare occurance: A Sun Dog. When the upper atmosphere is just right there can be a little rainbow to the left and right of the sun. This shows just one of those with the sun off the picture to the left I think.

That night the full moon also showed a "moon dog".

This effect is either due to ice crystals way up high or it is part of intelligent design of the Earth's atmosphere and in any case BOTH theories should be taught!. . . at least in Kansas.


Andy said...

FANTASTIC PHOTOS... and what a fantastic lifestyle. Best of luck . LA, Andy

brian said...

Hey Scott- I just saw a really bad movie about sailing. I highly recommend it. It is about an around the world sailor who goes nuts because of the solitude. She starts seeing people on her boat, eventually setting it on fire to drive out the intruders. It is called "Visitiors".

By the way-tell Irfan I wan't picking on him> I would only use this website to pick on you. Or maybe the Chairman.

We saw our new boat covered today. An excellent cover. Canvas down to the waterline.

Enjoy the holidays. I guess you'll be in Indiana. I don't realyy know what that's all about. I don't think Magellan or Columbus or Cook or any of those guys stopped their journeys to fly home and sleep in a regualr bed.

Best wishes

Scott said...

If you've ever been to Indiana you'll know that the "beds" are still made of straw!

Happy Thanksgiving


Gracie Liberation Front said...

Greetings from the great State of Florida. Kay, Sam and I are peeing everywhere to establish our scent before Scott arrives.

By the way - Brian, I'm sorry to tell you - when the revolution comes, you will become Gracie's new scratching post. On the upside, you will learn to like it.

Frieda Pussy!

In Retrospect, Sadamm wasn't so bad, was he?

Chairman Meow

brian said...

I forgot to tell you about that movie. The woman sails with a cat who actually talks to her. He warns her about inviting these various phantoms on the boat. The cat then hangs himself on her good luck charm and then is unhung. You can't tell what is real and what isn't. Scott-you should look into a lawsuit. This movie is obviously a cheap rip-off of your life. It is an Australian movie called Visitors. It is in the drama section at Blockbuster.

Hey Chairman-The revolution always eats its own young. You should know that.