Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bottoms UP!

Hey all...Well, we now have three coats of barrier coat on the old hull. Starting to look fast Ok not fast but less slow maybe. Tomorrow we start with the first of two bottom coats. If things go well


we will be back in the water on Wednesday at the earliest and Friday at the latest. Details yet to be accomplished are...

shove the propellar shaft back into the boat
attach propellar
attach dripless gland (one on boat and one on the captain!)
buy beer
install the sail cover - Mack Pack
re-glass and paint the rudder
re-attach the steering
buy beer
get the two missing lifelines installed
change all engine fluids and filters
buy beer
clean boat
reinstall the backstay...almost forgot that one!
connect the few remaining SSB connections
buy beer
comb Gracie
buy beer buy beer
reattach hose clamps on the forward head plumbing

Seems like a lot but we are not in charge of all these projects. Stem to Stern is doing much of this while we

buy beer

Have I mentioned that we are just a tad tired of living in a parking lot in Ft. L.?


For all you faithfull readers who are also runners you should check out a really cool running blog. .. especially you Chicago runners! It's my daughter's blog and while working on a PhD in physics she is managing to keep up her training for various runs. Good for her!

Here's some pictures of our recent adventures in good old boat maintenance...Stay tuned for dramatic change in hull tomorrow.

The first picture shows the hull down to the bare fiberglass when we washed it every few days to help dry it out. We needed to wash away the salt as it oozed out of the very wet fiberglass.

The next picture (to the right) is when we finally began to apply the barrier coat (looks alot like barium!) and already looks much better.

The 3rd picture (bel0w, below) shows the pink fairing material used to smooth up the jagged areas and fill in any gaps of which there were just a few. Nice job Erik from Stem to Stern!

The fourth picture is of a happy captian who can almost taste the salty sea in his face. The final of 3 (this means 3 days in a row....I mean 3 long days in a row) coats of very important barrier coat.

What will the final version of Enee look like? What color will her bottom be? How fast will she go? Stay tuned!

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