Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ft Luderdale...highs and lows

Yes, we're still here but more and more things are beginning to happen. We've finished putting the copper under nearly every square inch of the teak and holly deck. I find out this morning that according to UPS the new radio has been delivered! That means that it is probably sitting in the locked up office here at Pier 17. Arggggggg. Sue finished the port side teak toe rail and rub rail this week and it looks great. We'll get a coat on the starboard side today and put the newly polished stainless back on the port side.

I worked for Stem to Stern thursday and Friday mostly sanding and painting with the exception of yesterday morning when myself and Ahmed installed a rebuilt transmission on a 50 foot, what Art would call, F*** boat! Twin diesels and, as usual, no room to work. The transmission probaly weight 150 pounds. We got it down into the engine room and stuffed it back behind the engine. Now all we have to do is lift it about 6 inches and shove it forward to engage the crankshaft. No way in hell! We roamed the yard picking up odd pieces of 2x4 and metal rods to use as levers. After about 30 minutes of grunting, swearing and pinched fingers we got it to engage. Whew! And I thought this would be an interesting break from sanding and painting!

Ahmed will be on our boat all day Monday putting the engine back together and installing the dripless gland. Lots of other stuff will be happening next week as well. . . Backstay is to come down so as to turn it into an antenna for SSB, rudder should come off (may have to lift boat) to reglass, hull sanding could start late in the week depending on the next set of moisture numbers.
Hey, we may make it to the keys afterall!!!!

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