Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Our newest 'best friends'

We've spent the last two evenings with our new best friends, Wendy and Ange, the wacky Canadians. They have a beautiful, new 44 foot hunter sailboat and are moored right by us in Garrison Bight. They were the ones that found our blog and used it to figure out these damn mooring balls.

As we watched them dingy back to their boat the other night something didn't look right. Really not right! Just as they reached the stern of their boat we see their dingy apparently try to climb aboard under full power! It tipped up, dumped them in the water and then proceeded to do full throttle donuts with Ange clinging to the side. He was afraid to let go because where would the prop go next? He couldn't climb in. Finally we see him let go and swim to his boat while the dingy continued its nutty dance by itself. I jumped in our dingy and rushed over to see if they were ok. they were fine (though wet) and as luck (or fate, Wendy!) would have it, in trying to climb aboard Ange had grabbed the fuel line so when he let go he pulled it off of the engine and the tank. The dingy only raced around until the fuel in the engine was used up. I was able to tow their dingy back to their boat then. Those crazy Canadians!

It's funny now but not so much at the time. Now we both ALWAYS hook that little kill switch to our belts like you're supposed to! This also shows how useless it is to simply have lifejackets on board. Those were instantly left behind. Now big deal in this case but you could get dumped by a big wake and be miles from the mother ship. Food for thought!


floridaglades said...

Scuze me...while I kiss this guy! Hendrix

charlesson said...

Thanks God it was a bit amusing and not serious. What other factors were involved? Turning the outboard throttle the wrong way? fatigue? liquid refreshments?
many a night I have left the mother ship in the dinghy when someone probably should have taken my oars away. It was good you kept a steady watch.
Fair winds

Scott said...

first off I thought it was "...scuse me while I kiss the sky"

As to the throttle, it was very loose and upon just trying to bump it up a little, Ange went full throttle. He's since tightened it.

Anonymous said...

OK, from now on my comments will be close-captioned for the humor-impaired Scott. Go to for a great archive of mis-heard song lyrics. floridaglades : 0