Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Turn Right!

The adventure has taken a bit of a surprising turn. A couple of incidents have conspired to make it interesting to sail to.....

Clearwater Beach!

This is where we will probably spend hurricane season. The events leading up to this are 1. being able to help my dad who lives in Tampa and 2. finding an affordable slip in Clearwater Beach thanks to our 'new best friends', Ange and Wendy.

While in that area we hope to take care of some largish unfinished projects using my dad's woodworking shop. Also we can use the time to get the SSB working (yeah, it's still NOT), get a ham license, work a little maybe, and, of course, explore the waters in and around that Tampa/St. Pete area. Didn't plan to go there but it looks interesting. We already are poring over new charts of Florida's west coast.

We will probably sail to Marco Island from Key West and then maybe Venice or a long jump all the way to Clearwater. We'll see.

Oh boy! More dirt to follow!


Brian said...

Sheesh! Why not just get an RV. At least now if I visit you I won't need a laundry list of tropical disease shots.

LeahC said...

An RV? Uh...not quite.

I think it's great that he's taking a year off his adventuring to take care of his dad. It wasn't exactly in his plans as we all know, and it was a really tough decision for him and Sue to make. but it is something that has to be done and now the rest of the family can be slightly at ease because someone is helping Grandpa in this stage of his life.

Anonymous said...

OH boy, this is suppose to be a fun blog site. See all this digging just gets everyone in trouble. This must have hit a nerve. way to go Brian. Maybe you should tell Leah you have a warpped sense of humor.

Gracie Liberation Front said...


Wherever you go you should get shots.

Do they have shots for that stuff?

I will be inocculated come election day - I wonder if "real men" are will to stand trial in before the international community for their beliefs. At least, Congress will now hold hearing on the bastard.

Yours Up to the Teeth (with every phone call in the database!)

Chairman Meow

LeahC said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jason said...

I don't think the problem is with Leah's inability to decipher a sense of humor.

I think the problem is the lack of a joke.

deborah said...

Talk to Sue, Scott and Gracie. You're misinterpreting the joke. No harm was meant.

LeahC said...

Hi All-

I am sorry that I took offense to the comment (damn internet not allowing for jesting!) Right now, both of my mother's parents are really sick and my grandfather and his wife are having some troubles and I'm just frustrated that I am stuck here in Chicago 1500 miles away and can't help anyone.

Sorry again for snapping a bit, maybe we could all plan a trip to Clearwater to visit the sailors......let's fill that damn boat up with people!

Steve Mitchell said...

Hey, Scott and Sue -- as I said before about your last set of plans: GO FOR IT! Let the winds (literal or figurative) blow you where they may. It's still an adventure, and it sure beats what I do 40 hours a week right now!