Thursday, June 08, 2006

Some Pics from Clearwater

The camera has been acting goofy lately when it comes to downloading pictures onto the computer or into blogger. We think it's the usb cord. Perhaps it's time for a new one.....
In the meantime, here are some recent photos of our recent life in Clearwater!

Last week we sailed 3 miles out into the Gulf to take care of business, as it were. Here we are leaving the beach area then hoving-to in order to take care of the pump out business.

We caught a pretty good breeze coming back in and beat a 3 masted sailboat which is one of the more scenic boats on the water. There are several 'head boats' here including a very obnoxious 'Pirate Ship' that we think looks like a big shoe! They go out at least 3 times a day and yell and scream the whole way. It's usually filled with kids for parties and such but Scott just told me that there's free beer for the adults. Hmmmm, maybe this ship has possibilities after all.

As you've heard we joined the Clearwater Yacht Club as social members. We've been trying to be as social as we can ever since. We cool off in the pool almost everyday; have dined in the lunchroom a couple times (although watching the Cubs lose a 1-nothing game yesterday almost made me lose my appetite); sit in the breezeway or lower level to hook up to the internet; and visit the tiki bar whenever it's open, which is only on weekends, thankfully for our livers.

At left Scott 'works' on the computer in the lunchroom and bar area while I watch out the window for dolphins. We get a great view of them from this 2nd floor.

The pool is usually empty except for Tuesday and Thursday mornings when 'the ladies' do some kind of water aerobics. I think that's what you'd call it. They play music and move their arms around sometimes holding weights. I'm not sure I'm ready for such energetic activity.

We also see a variety of birds in our neighborhood and they all seem very friendly.

I believe this is an egret who does an amazing balancing act while waiting and watching to make his move on one of the tiny fish below. He snatches his lunch and keeps on swinging. By the way he's swinging on our electrical cord.

To the right is a blue heron. This guy was so big I was a bit afraid to get close to him for a photo op. However he never moved, although he kept a close eye on my every movement. I'm not sure if it's the same one but a blue heron appears in our yard almost every day. If the back door would be open to one of these apartments on shore I think he would walk right in. And I know I wouldn't stop him!

This bird is my favorite so far. We think he's a green heron, although I haven't seen any green feathers yet. They have the most intricate coloring on their feathers with a stylish brown stripe down their fronts. And of course very friendly. This guy is perched on the stern rail of our boat as we sit in the cockpit only a few feet away. Gracie? Where are you....there's a bird on your boat!

No Comment Necessary!!!

So what's Scott doing while Sue is taking all the pictures? Of course he's working on a boat project. This time it's a new table for the cockpit. With the help of the master, Les, he shapes the boards then paints them and installs the finished product. We're both pretty happy with the results.

Now we can actually eat a meal on the table instead of holding the plates in our laps. This ship is shaping up.


Andrea said...

I don't know - it's looking pretty tempting. Free beer? 'Nuff said! How much are flights to Clearwater? Augh!

Scott said...

Hey! It's GOOD to come down during hurricane season. That's when we need the most help!

Andrea said...

And we all thought Key West would be a challenge to my hardiness. (Harrrrr!)
Now that you're in a slip, there would few opporunites to ride The Rubber Dinghy of Death. It hardly seems challenging.

brian said...

Hey Thurston:

I saw some more pictures of Clearwatter on CNN today. Something about some guy named "Alberto." What's that all about?

Terry said...

And here comes your first tropical depression...headed right at you.

You need to give us a tour of your new boat. You haven't let us C30 owners know how much better u like it than the old boat.

Scott said...

Looks like the storm center will go off to the north of us. Raining now and wind is supposed to build.

As to the Endeavour vs. C30...hard to compare. The Endeavour 40 is a big fat boat which is what we wanted for living aboard. Our C30 was the perfect boat for exploring the Great Lakes and living aboard during the summer. The Endeavour will be perfect for our coastal cruising and for making longish runs to Mexico, Etc. I'll try to put together a guided tour soon. Thanks for the idea!

ShoreTurtle said...

I came over from Leah's web site. Congratulations on your one year anniversary on the boat. It sounds like a great adventure. Good luck.