Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What's Clearwater About?

Spending some time at the beautiful Clearwater public library. Always like to get a little in tune with a place that I know I'm going to be staying awhile.

Apparently this place started to become a vacation with the building of rhe Belleview Biltmore. Looks like there is some fighting going on as to whether to tear this beautiful structure down or not. Take a look at the links and I think you'll agree that that would be a shame.

We are located in an area that is rapidly turning from the classic 50's - 60's mom and pop motel with exotic names like "The New Yorker", "Stay and Pla", stuff like that to multi-story and multi-million dollar condos. I would guess that in a couple of years all the old places will be gone and you'll see a stretch of condos not unlike Miami. Oh well...things change

The other bit if infamy for Clearwater is that it is the world headquarter for Scientology! Apparently they bought a huge bulding downtown some years ago under another name. Only later did the city fathers find out that they had been invaded by these pod people. It is creepy to be downtown where 2 out of every 3 people is walking around in black pants and white shirt - The official Scientology uniform. Well, maybe Sue will get a look at Tom Cruise someday! Check out THIS LINK for an attack on Scientology. Some funny stuff.

Oh, and the name Clearwater comes from the fact that there are or were numberous springs in the area and in the harbor making for very clear water.

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