Monday, April 16, 2007

Decision Time.

Do we take this weather window that weather guru Chris Parker on the SSB radio talks about or do we wait until next week for the parts we ordered? Decisions......decisions. We looked at the charts and guidebooks we have on board, read about the thornless passage, and estimated with our dividers that we could make it to Provo in 4 days. Just enough time to take advantage of the ideal weather window that is happening this week.

We couldn't leave until Wednesday or more likely Thursday since the winds are still whipping out of the north at 25 - a calming from the 30+ front that came through earlier. (The sailboat anchored nearby lost his anchor rhode. A chafing problem we suspect. Suddenly we noticed that his boat was facing the wrong way AND MOVING. We blew our airhorn and he immediately came up from below to start his engine and get the heck out of there. Leaving his anchor behind - or rather below!)

So we decided to venture into town today even though the seas are still choppy. Luckily we noticed that one of our snubber lines was having a chafing problem of its own and replaced it before dingying (or surfing) the waves into G'Town. We stopped into Exuma Markets to ask about the possibility forwarding of our boat supplies once they arrive. Well, as friendly and accomodating as they are, the smiling owner said they aren't a mail service, just a mail receiver. Although they would be glad to hold it for us until we return. And you guessed it - we don't plan to return. So that answered that question. No forwarding of our order means that we wait for it to arrive in George Town. (Although we may take a couple days while waiting to explore Conception Island).

Even though the perfect weather window will pass this week, we hope to find some days to head south and east. Since the prevailing winds are SE we will be heading into them. But hey, we'll just throw in a tack or two and eventually make it to Luperon.

Once in town we headed to Eddies' Edge Water to get online and check email, etc. Of course a couple Kalik were waiting with our names on 'em. We did also stop in at the battery store and our new golf cart batteries are in! We'll come back into town tomorrow to pick 2 of those up. It should be a much calmer dingy ride by then.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from the past few days...........
The route to the dingy dock is under this small bridge into Lake Victoria. As the story goes, the locals like to play chicken while driving their dingyies under the bridge. The first one to slow down won't crash the bridge. Have yet to see this!

For internet there are a few choices besides Eddie's Edge Water. One day we went to J & K who offers wifi for only $3 a day. Very reasonable although the accomodations are a bit rough and there is no guarantee that the internet will work. Our experience was that it didn't, except for about 10 minutes. Oh well. We've come to Eddies (who always had cold beer if not working wifi) ever since.
Mom's Bakery comes to town twice a week and when the doors are open who can choose from quite a variety of bakery goods - from coconut popovers to raisin bread. We got the raisin bread which was absolutely delicious. Breakfasts for 4 days!

The local library is right next to the school. It's open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. Don't miss it. They have books to borrow AND exchange. Very nice. It's like a giagantic book exchange that many marinas try to offer.

At Volleyball Beach there is this sign that shows mileage from various places mostly from the US. No Chicago noted but Macinac Island is.
And what do you do on Volleyball Beach after playing volleyball? What else but drink Kalik! Here's the aftermath of a serious match, I think.


Anonymous said...

Throw a tack in or two! Sorry to hear that you aren't able to take the Chris Parker's predicted perfect weather window- but look at it this way. Now you get to see the Turks and Caicos, not to mention all the fun little islands like Conception, Rum, and Long which are just a hop away from G'town. And you get to be in G'town for the Family Island Regatta- which we hear is a hoot! So enjoy your delays.

The Rum Runners

Anonymous said...

Wow, photos show you are a long way from Marshall Fields,Lake Michigan, Chicago Public Library, etc....oh yes have your found a Yum Yum donut place there???
Have fun Stan & Judy -San Diego