Friday, April 27, 2007

Maybe tomorrow

In theory our parts are in today. I'll go down the street and check in a little bit. If so we plan to sail to Rum Cay tomorrow and then put in an overnight sail the next day to make Mayaguana. If the weather holds we could make Turks and Caicos on the next day. This is the big part of the trip. Mostly smaller jumps from there with about a 90 mile jump to Dom. Rep.

So next message (hopefully) from 'Provo' in the Caicos Islands.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys - Miss the dominoe parties too but glad to see you are right in the action for the regatta! We are in Nassau and off to Eluthera tomorrow. Looks like a good couple of days of weather, finally! Have a good trip to Rum and off to Provo. Fair winds, following seas.
The Rum Runners

P.S. Had a great trip to Nassau yesterday, we actually sailed! 8-9 knots, holy cow! Little more wind than what it was supposed to be, but when has that not been the case this year! If only we were here in the "good ol days" before it blew like stink. Even threw in a tack...or two....

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott and Sue, continue to enjoy your adventures, thanks Leah for the Picasa album tip. Great shots of the race, what a crew they have and design of boat is really interesting. later, Stan & Judy San Diego, May Haze days.