Monday, June 25, 2007

Doin' the Luperon Walk

Four days ago I finally did what I've been threatening to do since we arrived in Luperon. Walk for exercise. The first day Scott and I walked from Puerto Blanco Marina to the town of Luperon. It's a lovely walk (about 2 miles one way). As we make our way up the steep gravel covered road to the top of the hill we eventually come to this scene. Nice.

Little Bird
Walking along we hear a distinct little cheep - cheep- cheep. What is that? Where is that? A tiny bird no bigger than a hummingbird is perched up in a tree calling us over. He stayed there for several minutes allowing me to photograph him.

We continued on into town, sat down at Captain Steve's Place for lunch then since we were refurbished and refreshed decided to walk back. (That's 4 miles round trip)

The next morning Kathy from Bellagio and I walked to town. We also found ourselves sitting at Steve's Place this time for passion fruit juice (chinnola) and coffee.
town and beach walk Luperon

Then the next morning Kathy and I walked to the beach past the Luperon Resort (all inclusive which means you have to wear a wristband at all times while on the premises). It was a good hike of about 3 miles. We tried to find the path around the point to make a loop back to the marina but only found dead ends (roads blocked off with branches of trees tied together). We didn't really want to walk all the way back the way we came. So we decided to walk through the resort and back to our marina. Just look casual, try to hide your right wrist, and don't stop walking. Of course if you happen to see a peacock sitting on the balcony of one of the hotel rooms or pink flamingos strolling in a pond you must stop to take a picture. We found our way to the entrance and out onto the road without a soul stopping us or even looking at us funny.

Back at the marina we drank a few well deserved beers and enjoyed a game of Mexican Train dominoes with friends.

From left: Donna and Rick (Naomi Marie), Kerry and Kathy (Bellagio) and Scotto.

Yvon and Carmelle's House
Sunday was the flea market so no scheduled walk that day. However we did visit cruising friends Yvon and Carmelle who are renting an apartment just across from the resort. It's only about a 1/2 mile walk but all up hill. So that counts as exercise in my book. They have two huge cats which were fun to play with.

Sunday night we had dinner with Kathy and Kerry before they leave for their trip back to Canada. We ate at a place called Casa del Sol. Stanislaus picked us up at the marina, took our drink and dinner orders, served us Caribbean Coffee - a flaming treat- and drove up back home. What service and a great meal.

At left: Stanislaus brewing the caribbean concoction.

Today- Monday I'm taking the day off and only have walked as far as the stern of the boat to take this photo of Handy Andy and Poppo who cleaned the bottom of our boat and the anchor chain today. It was well worth the trip. Don't you think?

From left: Poppo and Handy Andy


LeahC said...

Love all the pictures! keep on with the photo albums....maybe more pictures of Mr. Handy :-)

Andrea said...

yes yes! more Handy Andy! He needs his own featurette.

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