Tuesday, June 19, 2007

FIRE in the marina!

A day with more excitement than one would want. I was in town at Steve's Bar and Grill when I heard on their VHF that boats were on fire at the Luperon Yacht Club. As many of you are aware a marina fire is the worst because once it starts many boats can go up. I could see the smoke from downtown Luperon. I've put the pictures in the album below. The smoking hulk used to be a 62 foot Hateras motor yacht. 3 or 4 boats were pulled away from the marina and saved. The owners weren't around but everyone pitched in to pull boats away from the fire. Sheesh. . . who needs a hurricane!

On another front, we felt like we needed to move our anchor. In the high winds we've had the last two days it looks like we stretched our our chain and perhaps pulled the anchor a little deeper into the ooze. Enough so that we look to be a little too close to a couple of boats off of our stern. This will also be a chance to clean up the ground tackle which we expected would be a little barnacled.

A LITTLE? Holy CRAP! My chain looks like barnacle sausage! I spent an hour and cleaned off abaout 15 feet of chain using wire brush, hammer, and stiff brush. This isn't going to work. We stopped and put out another anchor (since I had reduced my scope by the 15') and we are now considering buying a mooring and having it screwed into the bottom. An alterntive is to drop an old engine block into the ooze with chain on it up to the surface. We'll see.

For now we'll keep and eye on our position and go withthe two anchors.
I'll now have to be prepared to untangle them each morning. Sigh.

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Rich P said...

Do they know what caused this fire?