Saturday, September 29, 2007

Go Cubs Go!

Well, here we go again. The Cubs have made the post season as champs of the Central Division of the National League. I'm happy that the pressure is off and we can spend the weekend being miserable about Notre Dame and the Bears and not worry about the Cubs. . . until Wednesday when we open our post season in Arizona against the Diamondbacks (When did Arizona get a team and what's with naming teams after states instead of cities?)

I'm happy but reserved. I've been down this road before (84, 89, 98, 03) and ready for a World Series. While the Cubs record isn't that impressive, they have the 2nd best record in baseball since June 1. Who cares about how crappy they were in April/May. Lou was still putting the team together back then. What's important is how well you are playing in the fall and the Cubs look ready for the post-season. Unlike the Mets who have put up perhaps the biggest fold job in the history of baseball. That would be great since we still owe them for 1969.


Finally, thanks to DR Ware who ordered and received my book from Amazon. Let's all follow his (her?) fine example!


Deborah said...

So, I'm at Borders bookstore looking for a great sailing book to read and up pops "The Why Book Of Sailing".I think gee I know this guy. How cool. You have to order it at Borders so I'll just wait for your presentation in October and get a book signed.

Gary said...

I feel sorry for the Mets - not!

Chairman Meow

Catalina30Sailor said...

I received your book from Amazon last Friday and have enjoyed it, particularly the “Captain’s Log” that relates real experiences and then the science that explains the topic. Your use of vectors to explain the forces on the boat cleared up many misunderstandings that I have had for years. Perhaps sail trim will be less trial and error or at least I’ll have an idea as to “why” a change helps or hurts.