Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Books and Baseball

Crunch time in Chicago. Everybody here is cranked about the 2007 Cubs who open their playoffs tonight in Arizona (I found out they actually DO have a team in Arizona...who KNEW?). Game doesn't come on until 9:00 pm (that's 2100 for you sailors) here in Chicago. Looks like a long night and a drastic drop in productivity in Chicago on Thursday! I'm trying to NOT get excited yet. I really want a championship although that may actually kill me.

The book is truly out and about. I've found it on the shelf at a couple of Borders and Barnes and Noble. You can also buy it from Amazon by clicking on the book icon at the left for which I get 46 cents! Woo Woo.....!!!! Thanks to the people who have already read it and commented.


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