Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holding Down the Fort in Chicago

We are enjoying our last week in Chicago and taking care of Leah and Jason's apartment and Dagney the wonder cat while they are in Germany helping plan the next phase of world domination. Today we received a nice link to pictures and stories from their trip so far. So for any interested family or strangers, check out this link.

We'll be back in the Dominican Republic on Tuesday and will begin preparing ourselves and Enee Marie for sailing again. We received new charts for the Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Leeward and Windward islands. We should be good with charts for another year or so! It's fun to look at them and plan and dream. In fact it is a real good idea to look at them ahead of time and get some basic geography in your head before venturing out.

Our talk to the Catalina Fleet 21 will be Friday at Burnham Park Yacht Club. We are about ready for that but need to cut it down to three hours ( :-) ).

Thanks to the 3 yes THREE people who have purchased the book via the link to the left. I'm practically rolling in $$$$$$$ now!


floridaglades said...

I'm one of the 3 suckers ... er customers to buy your book. My quote would be "It's one of the books I've ever read". No, seriously, as a non-sailor, I found the book to be surprisingly diverse and interesting. From light and optical illusions to solar power back-of-the-envelope calculations, I found the book to be compelling to read and easily digestible. And now I know when some guy says to me "I like the cut of yer jib", I shouldn't necessarily be concerned that my jib is showing or something.

floridaglades said...

The Why Book of Sailing: The Curious Sailor's Guide to the Science of Sailing and Seamanship
by Scott Welty
Edition: Paperback

OK, at your request, here's my official review on

Finally physics you can understand!, October 19, 2007

You can tell that after a long career as a Physics teacher, the author still has a passion for science and its real world applications. Mr. Welty goes from channeling the brilliant Professor Whoopie from Tennessee Tuxedo to a little bit of McGyver to the Nobel Prize-winning carbon king Al Gore... effortlessly and smoothly tying it all together in a way that is both entertaining and informative. I'm looking forward to his next book where I hope he'll expound on how friction from corduroy pants may solve the energy crisis. Great book.

Anonymous said...

OOps, sorry ... I purchased the book directly from Amazon, not using your link.

I really like it! I think it'll be a great aid to explaining physics to my kids!

Brian in Annapolis

Anonymous said...

I bought a great book once that explains gambling odds written by a professor of statistics from Case Western Reserve. He manages to bring statistics down to a level that even I could almost understand. The Why Book of Sailing does the same.

Great book I'll recommend it to both of my sailing friends.

Terry in Michigan