Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We're Back!

Ahoy! Yes we are back aboard in Luperon, DR. No real adventures on the return trip. It is a 4 hour car ride though from the airport to Luperon. Along the way we had the driver stop at a large grocery to begin re provisioning. Thought we might as well while we have the car even though we were pretty tired since our plane ride began at 6 AM in Chicago!

Enee Marie is in good shape. No problems with the various systems although I haven't started the engine yet. Certainly was a treat to be rocked asleep once again and seeing the stars through our hatch. Nice cools nights now.

Of course what would return to boat life be without a repair project? My outboard again. No start. I disassembled the carburetor for the millionth time and cleaned out the little hole that transfers fuel from the bowl to the mixing chamber in the carburetor. I just poked at it with a bristle from a broom. That seemed to work.

We've already chatted with many of our boat friends. Most boats are still here but two are gone and another to leave tomorrow. We look to be here through Sunday and then go on the next weather window. . . what ever THOSE look like!


Brian said...

How much is that book again?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Glad to hear you are back and that boat is in great shape. Got your book and can't wait to get into it when things settle down here, many fires. We had mandatory evacuation from our house in Del Mar on Monday night Judy and I and two friends moved to our boat, many others were diplaced at the SDYC, they lifted evacuation Tues night and so we damage but lots elsewhere.
Your book looks very interesting so congratulations on its publication. Happy sailing, Stan & judy