Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fun With the Catalina Fleet 21

Last night we made our presention to the Chicago Catalina Fleet 21 group at Burnham Park Yacht Club. What FUN! A great turnout and such a friendly and interested group. We featured our trip from the Keys to the Dominican Republic with some exceprts from The Why Book of Sailing. Thanks to everyone who attended and to those who bought a book! We're going out to lunch. Yeah!

It IS so fun to descibe parts of our trip and some things about our lifestyle to our Lake Michigan sailor friends. No one to talk to at this level in the cruising community. . . they're already there!

Thanks again to all and PLEASE stay in touch. You can leave a comment below or email us directly. Email links are posted to the left. If you like the book (who wouldn't?) feel free to leave a review at Amazon. Click on the book at the left and scroll down to 'leave a review'. You might have to sign in if you're not already an Amazon user. No charge.

On Tuesday we fly back to Loopy Luperon and begin preparations for once again heading east and south. Stay tuned for posts from the next leg of our trip as we find wifi where we can. The next hunk should take us east to the British Virgin Islands and then south to Grenada, Trinidad or South America by July 2008. Should make for more great pictures and stories.

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Deborah said...

As always it was an excellent presentation. We look forward to reading about the next leg of your adventure. Since reading "The Why Book of Sailing" I so now get why my boat floats!!! Great!!!!!!Bought three to give as gifts...