Monday, October 22, 2007

Finishing up in Chicago

Well, just a few things left to take care of in Chicago. We're getting some boat parts for ourselves and some friends in the DR that will require a drive to Highland Park West Marine today. Yes, we have put this off for the last day! Other small items of need before we go (canned chicken!), a new alarm clock (rarely used but still needed). We're going to finish our day with dinner with Leah and Jason at Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder on Clark. I've always wanted to check this place out and it has gotten rave reviews from niece Lisa. Tomorrow we fly at 0600! Wow that's early. My daughter and I are famous for showing up real early for flights so maybe not bother going to bed! We'll get in to Santo Domingo around 1300 and meet up with Nino our driver from Luperon for the 4 hour trek back to Luperon. Along the way we'll stop for groceries as long as we have the car.

So, it's been a great return visit to Chicago. Longer than we usually do but that's ok. Just waiting for hurricane season (what hurricanes?) to end. We had fun staying with my daughter and Jason and hopefully helped them out some. Jason successfully finished his PhD work while we were here and Leah is nearly done with the same and while they were doing that they also were training for the marathon and perparing for their trip to Germany. Sheesh! I totally enjoyed my favorite city in the world (so far), beautiful Chicago. Sometimes I just like buying an all day pass for the CTA and knocking around the city or just walking around Ukraining Village. Our talk went well and it was sure fun seeing EVERYONE at Burnham Park Yacht Club. The Cubs were their usual dissapointment but I guess you have to have some kind of tradition.

So, stay tuned for actual boat and sailing news as we prepare Enee Marie for travels to Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and points south. We met a bunch of people at Burnham Park Yacht Club who swore they were going to stay in touch and write. So, ok people, get ready to write!

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Anonymous said...

Well our Indians dissappointed us also, so as Cubs and Indians fans always say...maybe next year. Sally