Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Day in Boqueron

This post comes to you from Galloway's. A fine Irish joint with fast wifi and cold beer.

This is going to be an ok place to stop for a few days. Yesterday I walked about a mile on the main road out of town. I found a little grocery store and also a marine store! It was no West Marine but they did have a connector I needed for hooking the gas line to the outboard. The old one, like a lot of stuff in salt conditions, disintegrated. My quick repair was to skip the connector and go direct to the fuel line with the line from the gas tank. Of course this required drilling a hole in the engine cowling but hey, a solution is a solution! And, who ever invented hose clamps should get the Nobel Prize!

Sue and I spent a larger part of the day then at a place called Gallaways. A nice joint with free wifi, good food, and friendly people. Back on the boat we enjoyed the evening even with that which we have rarely had. . . mosquitoes! A little breeze seems to knock them down pretty well but when it got calm they got on us a little.

We had been talking about how places get a bad rap and then no one goes back to investigate. For example, Samana and all the thievery. We liked Samana and were careful and nothing got stolen. Mayaguez and how it is supposedly awful for cruisers. Well, I wouldn’t stay there very long but for checking in it was fine. The rap on Boqueron we had heard was that it was just party, party, party and VERY loud. We’d seen little of that and put it up with the towns listed above. Things change. But wait. . . it’s Saturday night. Oh yeah! Party on Garth! It got real loud. Sounded like one place had a band and they were good and they were good and loud. The other place sounded like Karoake and as some of you may know, that rarely sounds good and neither did this (imagine ‘I Did it My Way’ in Espanol). So about the time us cruisers are saying good night the party got really rolling. Luckily, I sleep through about anything. We’ll see if Sunday is also a party night. It was THE party night in the Domincan Republic for some reason. I think they celebrated the fact that no one was going to work again tomorrow!

I realized after posting that I describe passages and sailing routes like everyone knows where we are. Sorry. I offer this photo of one of our charts that shows our crossing the Mona Passage from DR to PR.

Today we search for diesel and laundry. Exciting life, eh? (oops, looks like I’m picking up some Canadian!)


Anonymous said...

A chart question.....What are the solid red and yellow circles on the chart at different ports? I have been looking at my USVI charts and they have the same circles...I can't find an explanation on the charts.

Terry from getting colder everyday Michigan

Anonymous said...

You know what they say Scott and Sue, Hang out with Canadians long enough and we will infect you with a love of rum, beer, hockey(only after the Cubs are done for the season) and our wonderful lanuage skills EH!

K^2 the prairie sailors

Scott said...

The circles are around lights. They show the segments in which the lights are visible. I think the yellow is visible segment and red is not. Can help you find your way in the dark!