Sunday, May 11, 2008

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY....... all the moms out there.
Don’t do a dish or wash any clothes. Enjoy your day.

And while we’re celebrating....also Happy Birthday to the May Girls.....Stephanie and Lisa! Though your particular days have passed (May 3rd and May 9th ) I say take the whole month to celebrate. See what you can get away with.

Since we’re mentioning birthdays I will include some I missed. (Nobody ever accused me of being on time or accurate!)

January: Luke Teyema who is now a whopping 4 months old....on the 25th!

February: Sidney T. who is older than I would guess but still young enough to play. (Well we can say that about Stephanie and Lisa too.)

March: Scott and Kirk T. whose ages I won’t even mention because they’re grown men (we also won’t mention the tights.....get in tights reference to Robin Hood?!?) Now that I've said that what picture do I find?????
How about this one - these are men in shorts that are very tight....look closely. Well maybe not all that tight but nice none the less.

April: Gretchen T. whose birthday was on the 19th and I think she might even be 19 or could be. She would love the batik store in St. Kitts.

So now I think I have the entire list of immediate family of blood and non blood and will stay up-to-date from now on. We’ll see how accurate I am.

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Anonymous said...

I would love the batik store in St. KItts! Maybe we can swap batik for a battle flag for the enee marie! Mary Lu